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Improve the look and feel of your hands/feet and nails with professional manicure/pedicure at the most luxurios mens SPA in Abu Dhabi.

Vintage Manicure / Pedicure with Paraffin Dip (50 mins/60 mins) AED 150/ AED 165

Our Signature Manicure/Pedicure, starts with smoothing and moisturising of hands and feet. This is then followed by impeccable cuticle work. The hands/feet are dipped in to almond infused paraffin to smoothen and relax those tired hands and feet. The treatment is then finished with luxurious massage and high shine buff of nails to give hands/feet well groomed appearance and long lasting shine.

Executive Manicure/Pedicure (40mins/45mins) AED 110/125

Specially designed for those executives who always need to have some TLC for their tired hands and feet. The service begins with scrubbing and smoothing of skin, followed by cuticle work, a luxurious mask is then applied and left to work its wonders. Finished with a relaxing massage, this treatment is ultimate Nirvana.

Express Manicure/Pedicure (20mins/30mins) AED 70/85

An express service for man on move. This service includes, cuticle work, nail cleaning, scrubbing and a quick moisturising massage.

Hands/Feet Add On !

Don’t have time for a complete massage? Get best of both the worlds, when you take any manicure and pedicure treatment with us. Add additional 10 minutes to your treatment that only focuses on massage of hands and feet. A must for todays Alpha male, your hands and feet will thank you.

Hand Massage (10 mins) AED 35

Feeling the tired hands syndrome, give extra pampering with this add on treatment, that will leave your hands relaxed.

Feet Massage (10 mins) AED 45

For those tired feet, a bit of extra pampering.

Callous Removal 75

Dry and flaky feet, let our experts help you remove those extra callouses with this treatment.

Nail Clear Treatment  50

This treatment is specially designed for men who suffer from yellowish/darkish tinge to the nails, A layer of our special treatment is applied, left to naturally dry and then peel. This is repeated one more time and Voila, you have ultra clean nails. Allow 25 minutes extra for this treatment.

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