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Under this process unwanted body hair is removed with warm wax, followed by a conditioning skin treatment. 

We pride ourselves by being a SPA where "No Double Dipping Rule" is followed to the tee and the hygiene standards are thoroughly maintained. All our wax therapists are  professionally trained to perform the waxing services.

Eyebrow threading/waxing           30

Cheekbone Threading/Waxing     30

Full Body Waxing             Starts 700

Back Waxing                                140                   

Chest Waxing                               140                  

Full Arms Waxing                        140                  

Under Arms Waxing                     75                     

Full Legs Waxing                        170                    

Half Arms Waxing                         70                  

Half Legs Waxing                          90                   

Bikini                                            150                   

Face Bleach                                   50


Note: Please avoid exfoliating products and tanning beds for two days prior to any wax service, as they may result in increased skin sensitivity.


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